Catalys Events Processing Service

Catalys is an entire FIX ecosystem specifically designed for the requirements of firms today.

Catalys is used to synthesize decentralized and scattered FIX infrastructure and for transversal services when managing the complexities around regional and global environments. These include configuration, testing, certification, monitoring and management.

The Events Processing Service (EPS) is the latest transversal service available in Catalys. Capable of observing and converting raw data provided by all data contributors into business-relevant notifications, the EPS gathers insight from across the entire Catalys ecosystem. This includes data from these sources:

  • Runtime monitoring information from any Catalys node or CameronFIX engine, including any data exposed by custom components inside those application servers.
  • All server or session configurations, including rules configuration for the rules engine from any Catalys node.
  • Performance information such as latency or throughput from any Catalys node.
  • All test results, such as regression tests or benchmarks from the Catalys test framework.
  • Any runtime information exposed by any Java application using industry-standard JMX

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